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Corporate Information

Pandita Ratu Group (PRG) is a leading producer of intermediate chemicals in South East Asia; with a strong emphasis on sustainability and good corporate governance.

Pandita Ratu Group and its associate companies have over 25 years of track records in the industry. They have established strong relationship with their customers and suppliers in domestic and regional market; making Pandita Ratu Group a dominant player and market leader in its industry segment.

Pandita Ratu Group’s diverse customer base stems from both domestic and overseas markets. Most of Pandita Ratu Group’s overseas customers are domiciled in Asia Pacific with strategic portfolios in South East Asia.

Pandita Ratu Group’s expertise in intermediate chemicals is supported by a strong in-house R&D team which enables the company to provide solutions for products and processes improvement in the consumer, infrastructural, transportation, environmental and manufacturing industries.

In the light of rising global population, rapid urbanization and increasing number of megacities, more and more of Pandita Ratu Group’s products and services will be needed, both domestically and globally.