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Corporate Governance

Pandita Ratu Group emulates corporate governance standards that guide us as we believe that good governance systems and practices supplement our growth. Pandita Ratu Group has instilled a set of well-defined policies and processes to enhance corporate performance and accountability, as well as protect the interests of stakeholders. The Board of Directors is responsible for Pandita Ratu’s corporate governance standards and policies, and stresses their importance across the Group.

The Board aims to create value for stakeholders and ensure the long-term success of the Group by focusing on the development of the right strategy, business model, risk appetite, management, and succession plan and compensation framework. It also seeks to align the interests of the Board and Management with that of stakeholders and balance the interests of all stakeholders. In addition, the Board sets the tone for the entire organisation in terms of ethics and values.

To ensure Directors can fulfil their obligations and to continually improve the performance of the Board, all Directors are encouraged to undergo continual professional development during the term of their appointment. Professional development may relate to a particular subject area, committee membership, or key developments in Pandita’s environment, market or operations. Directors are encouraged to consult the Chairman if they consider that they personally, or the Board as a whole, would benefit from specific training.

The Audit and Risk Committee, assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities in relation to governance of material risks in the Group’s business, which include ensuring that Management maintains a sound system of risk management and internal controls to safeguard shareholders’ interests and the Group’s assets, and determining the nature and extent of the material risks that the Board is willing to take in achieving the Group’s strategic objectives.